The ultimate flying experience

The Rollglider is zipline rollercoaster ride, inspired by the dream of free flying in a completely safe environment. The flight with the Rollglider is not only enjoyed by thrill-seekers but also by people who want to experience the feeling of flying and see the world from a bird’s view. We offer three Rollglider ride variations – Extreme, Electric and Panoramic with our most extreme ride being the fastest zip coaster on the market! And not only that – each Rollglider ride we create is unique and tailored to your venue. 

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Why Rollglider?

50 km/h

Max Speed

Over 41

Projects Completed

3 Ride


Our Rides

Extreme Rollglider

The Extreme Rollglider is a zip coaster attraction that is enjoyed by thrill-seekers and people who crave a memorable experience. This makes it perfect for all kinds of venues from FECs to Shopping Malls and Mountain resorts where it proves to be a nice alternative to the mountain coaster.

• Speed: up to 50 km/h
• Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h
• Variety of ride elements

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Electric Rollglider

The Electrical Rollglider is a battery-powered aerial ride that can be described as a motorized zip coaster but with a twist. One of its great advantages is that it features manual speed control by participants and allows them to command their own adventure. The ride is the perfect alternative to an indoor rollercoaster which makes it suitable for FECs and Shopping Malls.

• Speed: up to 11 km/h
• Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h
• Manual control of the ride

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Panoramic Rollglider

The Panoramic Rollglider is a one of a kind aerial attraction designed for observation. This particular Rollglider zipline rollercoaster is a great alternative to the mountain coaster as it allows people to fully experience the beauty of the mountain scenery while flying through forests and above slopes.

• Speed: up to 10 km/h
• Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h
• Light & easily suspended from trees

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