We are a manufacturing company that makes one of the coolest products in the Amusement industry – the Rollglider. It is one of a kind flying experience that is bending the idea of what makes for a cool adventure ride.

Because the Rollglider is a trend-setter in its industry we work with some of the best and brightest. We also work on some of the most exciting markets and business niches there are. From Dubai to Malaysia, New Zealand to Costa Rica, the US to China – we have worked everywhere and taken pride in knowing what’s what around the world. And because we believe that personal connections matter as much as professional ones – we are proud to say we have a community that is hard-working but … fun.

We are now looking for a bright person to join us and help our team with the day-to-day sales admin tasks like preparing offers, invoices, and lead generation. If you like communicating with people, are at least somewhat organized, and love exploring different opportunities around the world – you will probably thrive here.

If this sounds exciting and you want to join us, let us know.

How to apply?

Please fill in the contact form below or emails us at [email protected]