Transport Rollglider

The Transport Rollglider is a battery-powered  mono-rail transport system which is highly adaptable and nature-friendly. A great alternative to ski lifts or even public city transport – this Rollglider is the alternative transport we’ve all been hoping for.


Highly Adaptable


High capcity

Transport Rollglider

The Transport Rollglider is an aerial system that can carry up to 360ppl/h. This Rollglider is a great alternative to ski lifts and city monorails as it relies on high capacity batter-powered trolleys to carry passengers as opposed to cabins, which makes it not only a cheaper but also a cleaner way to organize transportation in resorts, coastal cities or even shopping malls.
  • Speed: up to 11km/h
  • Operators: up to 4 ppl
  • Capacity: up to 360 ppl/h
  • Operational platforms: depending on the client’s preference
  • Twin-seat for a comfortable ride
  • Can climb inclinations of up to 30%
  • Can make twists and turns which are not possible with other aerial transport systems


Electric Trolley

This trolley is suitable for up to for two people. The riders participants are ensconced in hard seats next to each other, which are mounted on a
rigid beam structure attached to the trolley. The beam is allowed to swing laterally to some degree to compensate lateral accelerations in the curved sections of the ride.The participants are protected by a lap restraint system locked down by a hydraulic unit.

• Battery-driven trolley with speed of up to 11km/h
• In-built braking module
• Smooth and steady ride experience
• Powered by High-capacity, lithium-titanite battery
• Possibility of recharging 80% of the battery capacity in 6 minutes
• Climbs up to 30% inclinations


The Anti-Collision system allows multiple riders on the Rollglider track at the same time. The track is divided in sections with each section allowing only one trolley to occupy it at any given time. The system prevents trolleys starting the ride, or proceeding further on the ride if the previous section of the track is currently occupied. The trolley position is monitored by a control system through sensors and controllers. Each section is equipped with sensors as well as mechanical emergeny braking mechansim.

  • A sensor in the trolley and magnets on the line are used to control trolley speed
  • Automatically lowers the speed and stops the trolley at the Ending station
  • Automatic speed of 1m/s on departing and 0,5 m/s on arriving at the platform

Rollglider Line and Structure

• Galvanized steel construction in accordance to EU standards
• Option for painting in a standard RAL design colour available
• The line can be supported by existing or new structures, or completely suspended on trees
• Possible double line for a racing ride
• Design has passed successfully review by national and international inspection bodies such as TUV, CSEI, ASTM


Completed projects

Boardwalk Transport Ride Concept

Year: 2020

Country: Israel

City: Eliat

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