Panoramic Rollglider


The Panoramic Rollglider is a slow aerial ride designed for sightseeing. It allows people to fully experience the beauty of the scenery while flying through forests and above slopes. The ride utilizes a gravity or battery propelled trolley with an uniform top speed and can be completely suspended on trees.


Observational ride

High Capacity

Uniform speed 10 km/h


Gravity Panoramic Rollgider

The Gravity Panoramic Rollglider is designed for exploring the great outdoors and with sustainable toursim in mind. Loved by people of all ages, this Rollglider allows people to see the world from a birds' view ans enjoy the beauty of nature or historical sites.
  • Speed: up to 10 km/h
  • Operators: 1-2 ppl
  • Capacity: up to 240 ppl/h
  • No trolley system retraction needed
  • Can be completely suspended on trees



Electric Panoramic Rollglider

The Electric Panoramic Rollglider is a battery-powered ride that is great for both in and outdoors. The ride requires no downhill slope to run and can even climb ephill inclinations of up to 15% which makes it perfect for places that would be otherwise hard to reach.
  • Speed: up to 12km/h
  • Operators: 1-2 ppl
  • No need for a separate retraction system (the Rollglider track can be utilized for returning the trolleys)
  • Option for a closed-loop ride
  • Capacity: up to 240 ppl/h
  • In-built braking mechanism
  • Speed control by participant
  • Can be completely suspended on trees




Panoramic Electric trolley

• Battery-powered trolley
• Can operate up to 8 hours on a single charge
• Speed: up to 12km/h
• In-built braking mechanism
• Perfect for Panoramic rides in and outdoors
• Possible speed control by the participant

Panoramic Gravity Trolley

• Speed of up to 11km/h
• Light trolley profile: 5 kg total weight of the trolley
• Centrifugal or magnetic braking module
• Maximum top speed regardless of participant weight
• No need for a trolley retraction system

Trolley Magnetic Brake

• A trolley module that ensures a smooth ride
• Ensures constant maximum speed regardless of participants' weight
• Possibility for speed adjustment and control
• More reliable than a centrifugal brake

Rollglider Line and Structure

• Galvanized steel construction in accordance to EU standards
• Option for painting in a standard RAL design colour available
• The line can be supported by existing or new structures, or completely suspended on trees
• Design has passed successfully review by national and international inspection bodies such as TUV, CSEI, ASTM


Completed projects

Fuji Subaru Land

Gravity Panoramic Rollglider

Year: 2015

Country: Japan

City: Yamanashi

Facility: Adventure Zone in a Mountain resort

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