Panoramic Rollglider

The Panoramic Rollglider is a slow aerial ride designed for sightseeing. It allows people to fully experience the beauty of the scenery while flying through forests and above slopes. All family members can enjoy the flight and immerse themselves in the experience


The Panoramic Rollglider is a gravity ride designed for sightseeing and observation. It utilizes a gravity propelled trolley with an uniform top speed. The ride can be completely suspended on trees or self-setanding and features all automations available for the Extreme Rollglider.

Speed: up to 10km/h
Operators: 1-2 ppl
Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h


Observational ride

High Capacity

Uniform speed 10 km/h


Standard End brake

The system consists of rubber modules and a lifting mechanism. It reduces the speed of the trolleys at the end of the line locally and ensures smoother end of the ride.

Vertical retraction system

Vertical retraction system (VRS) transports the trolley vertically from the ending to the starting platform of the ride. VRS features a steel rope winch at the top station, to which a movable track segment is attached. The segment is guided on a set of rails to eliminate swings and twists on the way upward.

Rope retraction system

The rope retraction system can be used both for transporting trolleys and people from the ending to the starting platform of the ride. The system features a steel wire cable running close to the return track of the ride, driven by an electrical motor.

Chain Retraction system

The chain retraction system enables lifting participants together with the trolley to the start of the ride without the need for a second platform. Trolleys are equipped with special attachments which mesh with the chain and its motion upwards pulls the trolley to the top of the ride, where they detach automatically from the chain and start the ride.

Rollglider Line and Structure

  • Galvanized steel construction in accordance to EU standards
  • Option for painting in a standard RAL design colour available
  • The line can be supported by existing or new structures, or completely suspended on trees
  • Design has passed successfully review by national and international inspection bodies such as TUV, CSEI, ASTM


Completed projects

Fuji Subaru Land

Year: 2015

Country: Japan

City: Yamanashi

Facility: Recreation Area

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