Extreme Rollglider

The Extreme Rollglider is the fastest zip coaaster attraction in the world. The ride delivers the feeling of flying with an excitingly high speed. With speeds of up to 50 km/h and various track design elements, it is set to become an anchor attraction in any venue. The ride features a harnessed or hard seat option depending on the track inclination and speed. Variety of automation systems lower the staff and footprint requirements by connecting the Start and Finish platforms of the ride.


Thrill ride

50 km/h top speed

Anchor attraction

Electric Extreme Rollglider

The Extreme Electric Rollglider is a fast and thrilling ride, designed for maximum flexibility which makes it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It features a battery-propelled trolley that can take uphill inclinations of up to 15% while the ride needs no inclination to run.
  • Speed: up to 35 km/h
  • Operators: 1-2 ppl
  • Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h
  • Electrically driven trolley
  • Option for one-point operation
  • No retraction system required – track can be utilized for bringing trolleys back to the starting platform


Standard Trolley

• Gravity Trolley
• Speed: up to 35km/h
• Magnetic or centrifugal braking module
• The standard Extrete Rollglider trolley solution
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Electric Trolley

• Battery-powered trolley
• Can operate up to 8 hours on a single charge
• Speed: up to 12km/h
• In-built braking mechanism
• Perfect for Panoramic rides in and outdoors
• Possible speed control by the participant

Chain end brake

The Chain End brake utilizes an uphill track segment to reduce the speed of the trolleys and a chain system to lift the participants to the ending platform. The functionality of the brake is based on the laws of gravity. The brake is guaranteed to work 100% of the cases.

Standard End brake

The system consists of rubber modules and a lifting mechanism. It reduces the speed of the trolleys at the end of the line locally and ensures smoother end of the ride.

Anti-Collision System

The Anti-Collision system allows multiple riders on the Rollglider track at the same time. The track is divided in sections with each section allowing only one trolley to occupy it at any given time. The system prevents trolleys starting the ride, or proceeding further on the ride if the previous section of the track is currently occupied. The trolley position is monitored by a control system through sensors and controllers. Each section is equipped with sensors as well as mechanical emergeny braking mechansim,

Vertical retraction system

The vertical retraction system transports the trolley vertically from the ending to the starting platform of the ride. It features a steel rope winch at the top station, to which a movable track segment is attached. The segment is guided on a set of rails to eliminate swings and twists on the way upward.

Rope retraction system

The rope retraction system can be used both for transporting trolleys and people from the ending to the starting platform of the ride. The system features a steel wire cable running close to the return track of the ride, driven by an electrical motor.

Chain Retraction system

The chain retraction system enables lifting participants together with the trolley to the start of the ride without the need for a second platform. Trolleys are equipped with special attachments which mesh with the chain and its motion upwards pulls the trolley to the top of the ride, where they detach automatically from the chain and start the ride.

Rollglider Line and Structure

• Galvanized steel construction in accordance to EU standards
• Option for painting in a standard RAL design colour available
• The line can be supported by existing or new structures, or completely suspended on trees
• Possible double line for a racing ride
• Design has passed successfully review by national and international inspection bodies such as TUV, CSEI, ASTM


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