Electrical Rollglider

The Electrical Rollglider is a battery-powered ride with a manual speed control that allows participants to command their own adventure.


The Electrical Rollglider is the perfect installation to utilize space above other attractions such as trampolines, arcade games, bowling or soft play. The ride needs no inclination to work, but is able to climb up to 15% uphill. This feature lowers the footprint needed and makes it possible for the ride to run in a closed loop.

Speed: up to 11km/h
Operators: 1-2 ppl
Capacity: up to 120 ppl/h


Needs no inclination
to run

Lower footprint
and less staff required

Climbs up to 15% uphill


Electrical Trolley

Battery-powered trolley that speeds up to 11 km/h
• Manually controlled by the participant or operator
• No need for a separate braking system or a retraction
• 4+ hours of continuous operation without recharging
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  • A sensor in the trolley and magnets on the line are used to switch between manual and automatic speed
  • Automatically lowers the speed and stops the trolley at the Ending station
  • Automatic speed of 1m/s on departing and 0,5 m/s on arriving at the platform
  • Manual control by the participant on the rest of the line
  • Safety gate on the Start to ensure that the participant start riding once the line is empty and the previous participant has arrived safely on the Ending station

Rollglider Line and Structure

  • Galvanized steel construction in accordance to EU standards
  • Option for painting in a standard RAL design colour available
  • The line can be supported by existing or new structures, or completely suspended
  • Double line option for a racing ride available
  • Design has passed successfully review by CSEI – China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute.


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Year: 2015

Country: Israel

City: Eliat

Facility type: Shopping Center

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