In the last decade, ski resorts have evolved substantially and transformed from sports centers to experience hubs that promote the mountain leisure lifestyle. In fact, as noted in a recent study by the international tourism operator Club Med, people expect to derive pleasure from a variety of activities going beyond simply physical recreation.

“They’re spending less time on the slopes because people expect to do more than skiing — they want to visit the spa, swim, tan on a terrace, enjoy great food, discover the village, go to a local cheese factory, basically enjoy the mountain lifestyle rather than focusing exclusively on the sport of skiing.”

– states Sylvain Rabuel, the CEO of Club Met France, Europe, and Africa, about contemporary ski-resort clients.

These developments, along with the current negative effect of the pandemic on operational excellence and tourism, are, therefore, a call of action for stakeholders. Now more than ever, it is crucial for owners and investors operating in the mountaineering and ski vacation industries to diversify their portfolios with valuable experiences that capitalize on current trends. Such investments, one of which could be the Rollglider, are very likely to increase engagement and drive offseason sales.

YEARLY REVENUE INCREASE during the first year of summer operations
VISITORS INCREASE thanks to summer operations
CASH DRAIN by shorting the down season

The Rollglider refines the zip-line adventure, by producing a ride that generates high speeds and capacities, while also allowing structural flexibility and therefore turns, loops and dips as part of the riding experience. The Rollglider is easy to integrate around trees and sits perfectly in mountain environments. Besides its visual appeal, the Rollglider has a variety of riding experiences to offer.

For example, if you wish to target the 44% of customers who report that spending quality time with family and friends drives their visits, you can invest in the Panoramic Rollglider – an observational type of product suited for group rides.

On the other hand, many ski resort frequenters want to escape daily life and use the thrilling nature of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or skating as a means to recharge. With a speed of up to 50 km/h, the Extreme Rollglider replicates the excitement provoked by traditional winter sports.

All things considered, the Rollglider is a perfect anchor attraction with the potential to drive substantial extra income and lure in new customers especially in the offseason periods. With new memorable and outstanding activities in your ski resort, chances are that you will make up for financial irregularities and better your clients’ experience.

“A good ski resort is one where you can get a wide variety of slopes and activities outside of skiing, such as swimming or having a drink at the bar, and have memorable times with friends and family,”

-said Marielle Berger Sabbatel, a professional skier who’s represented France at the Olympics.

You can, thus, fulfill all relevant needs of customers by adding an alluring and unforgettable experience, all while serving the need for additional sources of revenue. Contact us to learn more about the Rollglider, how to confront these new trends head-on, and lead the leisure market!

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