What makes the Rollglider different from its competitors?

We have more than 20 years of experience, we have the biggest number of zip coasters built and we are constantly developing our product and bettering its components. However, the most important thing about the Rollglider is that it’s the only zip coaster on the market that has ride variations for every venue type. You can find out more about our tailored rides below.

How is the Rollglider's speed controlled?

The speed of the Gravity Rollglider is controlled by a magnetic module mounted on the trolley and in some cases brake modules along the line. The Electric Rollglider trolleys feature an in-built braking mechanism. In addition, The Rollglider Safety Control System automatically caps the speed of the Electric Trolley at 1m/s at the ending station before it stops.

What safety features does the Rollglider have?

Apart from the braking systems, the Rollglider features a Safety Control System that allows only one rider on the line simultaneously. The longer Rollgliders are equipped with an Anti-Collision System that allows several riders to enjoy the ride simultaneously and safely.

What's included in the price?

All our prices are quoted EXW. What’s included is the Design&Engineering in accordance with Eurocode, Manufacturing of the steel structure and the track, Engineering and manufacturing of the trolleys, safety components, and braking systems of the ride and the PPE.

How can I be sure that the Rollglider will fit my venue?

Each Rollglider has a custom design, made to fit the needs of your specific venue. We adjust all of the ride’s components to provide optimal space utilization.

What are the safety standards that the Rollglider meets?

The facility steel construction and line are designed and calculated to meet Eurocode building standards EN1991-1-4 and EN 13814. They can be calculated according to any local building codes upon request. The Rollglider Trolley construction is designed, manufactured, and tested on different types of loads by FEM method in CAE environment in accordance with EN13814:2004 Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures – Safety. The Rollglider also meets the requirements of ASTM and CSEI and can be certified to them upon request.

Where do you have Rollgliders installed?

We have built rides all around the world and have more than 40 projects on 5 continents


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How much can I charge per ride?

The prices per ride vary depending on the type of Rollglider and its location. A single ride on a long outdoor Rollglidder (200m+) is typically priced charged at 20-25USD. Shorter rides in FEC centers (up to 100m) are usually priced at around 5USD per ride or as a part of a Premium package deal.

Are there any participant restrictions?

As age verification is difficult, like most roller coasters we use height as proof of maturity.

Height restrictions

  • Minimum 120cm(~7yearold)
  • Maximum 200cm

Weight restrictions

  • Minimum 30kg
  • Maximum 120kg

What is the difference between the Extreme and the Panoramic rides?

The main difference is the speed of the ride itself. The Extreme ride is designed for thrilling high speeds while the Panoramic one is designed for observation and sightseeing. Both ride variations can utilize an Electric, a Gravity, or a Hybrid trolley depending on the terrain and the location. You can learn more about our rides below.


Adventure ride


Observational ride

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