Electrical Trolley

  • Maximum speed:
    3 m/s (10.8 km/h)
  • Minimum speed:
    1.4 m/s (5 km/h)
  • Service speed:
    0.14 m/s (0.5 km/h)

The electrical trolley is propelled by electric motors powered by on-board batteries, which are rechargeable and replaceable. The trolley features sensors which detect its position on the track, thus allowing the trolleys to stop automatically and to switch between control modes.

Control modes:
  • Manual mode: participants are able to control the ride by themselves; to avoid stacking on the line, the ride speed has a pre-programmed minimum
  • Automatic mode: participants cannot manually control the trolley?s speed. The speed during the whole ride or section of the track is pre-programmed.
  • Service mode: This mode is activated by the operator at the landing station only, and is intended to help moving empty trolleys. When the trolley reaches the start station, it lowers its speed and stops automatically.

Hybrid Trolley

  • Gravity-driven trolley with speed speed of up to 50 km/h (31 mph) depending on the track design
  • Customizable modules ? electrical braking module, double seat for a shared ride
  • Smooth and steady ride experience

Standard Trolley

  • Lighter trolley with a smaller profile
  • Magnetic or centrifugal braking module
  • The standard Rollglider trolley solution

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